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Docker Area

Artemis Leros Boatyard covers an area of 20.000m²  with a capacity for 250 vessels. The equipment and means of sustenance are fully up-to-date and joined together with expertise and experience of our technical personnel, proving the maximum safety of your yacht. The boatyard has the ability to haul and launch yachts up 20 m length, 2,70 – 2,90 m depth, thought that is also depending on the shape of the hull and lift capacity  SWL38 tons. Also the trailer can accommodate mono-hull and multi-hull boats.


All maintenance works can be carried out by our excellent trained staff. A detailed maintenance list can become available to our customers as a guide for the essential and mandatory works needed during their stay in our boatyard. We are always at your disposal for suggestions and guidance in order to keep your boat in a tip top condition.

  1. The Exterior of the boat

    • Washing outside surfaces with specialized products.
    • If necessary polishing hull and superstructure, deckhouse and cockpit to protect the underlying surface.
    • Removing salt deposits and polishing steel parts with specific products.
    • Teak maintenance and checking paintwork on wooden parts.
    • Checking mast and rigging.
    • Cleaning sails and checking stitching.

  2. The Interior of the boat

    • Periodical battery charging.
    • Periodic operation of seawater plants.
    • Periodic operation of electrical power systems.
    • Antioxidant applied to electrical contacts.
    • Interior sterilized with ozone treatment to eliminate mould, bacteria and bad smells.
    • Interior kept ventilated and free of humidity.

  3. Be wary of your hull!!

    • High-pressure washing and hull check.
    • Hull in good condition: light sanding of current paintwork to prepare surface for newantifouling protection;
    • Hull with osmosis: deep sanding to remove the layers affected by osmosis, drying hull with UV lamps, priming, application of new antifouling protection;
    • Replacing zinc-plated parts.
    • Checking and cleaning sea cocks.

  4. Outboard Engine

    • Engine washed with fresh water and suitable products before wintering;
    • Motor serviced as indicated in manual;

  5. Inboard and z-drive engines

    • Engines washed with fresh water and suitable products before wintering;
    • Motor serviced as indicated in manual;


Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer is designed to haul- out andlaunching boats on a slipway, to transport the boats over land and to park them in the storage area.

Due to the open U-frame design and the hydraulically operated variable width it has become the world’s fastest way to handle boats. An agricultural tractor or a heavy loader is used to pull the trailer.

The pulling vehicle supplies the hydraulic facility for all of the functions of the boat trailer. The boats are supported by large soft pads to give maximum comfort to the hull. The frame and the pads are independently adjustable in height, to keep the boat leveled under any ground circumstances. The hydraulic cylinders are specifically designed and manufactured by Roodberg and all lifting cylinders are manufactured including built-in safety valves. A typical procedure of Hauling out a boat includes:

  • Securing the boat with four ropes, two in the aft and two in the bow, placing the trailer exactly in the middle and under the boat.
  • Then the pads are positioned in the specific areas on the sailing boat according to the individual docking plan.
  • In case of a catamaran type hauling out process, a diver facilitates the positioning of the pads in order to be placed accurately in the appropriate lifting points, according to the docking plan.

In the Boatyard there is a very satisfying-equipped workshop

  • Volvo & Yanmar etc, service, sales and repairs.
  • Insurance quotes and repairs undertaken
  • Mechanical and hull repairs
  • All makes of engine, generator and transmission service and repair.
  • Haul out, boat inspection, pressure wash, time for small jobs and re-launch within an hour.
  • Boat valeting, washing, compound cut if required and full polishing.
  • Glass fibre and gel coat, scratch repairs and structural work.
  • Gel Plane Professional Osmosis Treatment
  • Antifouling, painting and varnishing.
  • Sleipner SidePower bow and stern thrusters fitted.
  • Stainless steel deck rails, bow rollers, fuel tanks, radar arches, swim platforms, ladders etc.
  • Shaft, propeller and rudder repair specialists.
  • Propeller shaft material carried in stock and machined to suit.
  • Machine shop, lathes and milling machines.
  • Stern Seals and cutlass bearing changes.
  • Diesel Fuel Bug analysis, treatment and filtration.
  • Battery, Inspection and electronic load testing.
  • Teak deck caulking and deck replacement.
  • Skin fitting and ball valve inspection and replacement.
  • Cabin windows and Vinyl Linings.
  • Fin keel yacht, Keel repairs and removal.
  • Rope splicing and running rigging replacement.
  • Sails – Canvas constructions and repairs
  • Yacht cleaning services and biological cleaning
  • Underwater inspections
  • Delivery of the yacht in your own port of convenience from our Skippers​