How can I make a booking request?

You can make a booking request by clicking here.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation in person or via our website by making a booking request clicking here.

How are vessels dry docked?

All vessels are supported on a metal support cradle.

Can I make repairs on or repair the boat myself?

You can execute maintenance jobs on your boat like A/F, polishing but not works such as welding, use of fire torches etc…These jobs can only be performed under Boatyards Management Approval.

Could I sleep on my boat for a few days?

The client and their visitors can stay /sleep on board but under their responsibility.

Can I have water and power supply on my boat?

Yes you can. There are Power Points providing water and electricity every 30 meters and there are two kinds of pillars.

Can I have the sail removed?

Yes, as long as, for security reasons, the Boatyard staff are notified and specially the genoa must be taken down before the haul-out operation.

Are there mooring facilities in the water?

Yes there are four moorings buoys, so you can use them upon your arrival in order to prepare your boat. When you will be read, you should come along side to our pontoon.

Is there a launderette on site?

Yes there is a self-service launderette and it is located next to the Boatyard’s reception.

Are there any restrooms and hygiene areas?

Yes there are three support services of WC and SHOWERS.

How can I dispose of used engine oils and batteries?

There is motor oil and battery recycling available on site and it is located next to the Workshop.

How many docking positions are available in the boatyard?

There are 250 docking positions at the boatyard

Are there any security measures taken in the boatyard?

Yes, there are and the entire area is fenced and guarded 24/365. During the night, there are also guards.

Does the boatyard cover any insurance? What kind of insurance is it?

Yes the Boatyard is covered by the Company HISCOX MGA LTD, Certificate Number MA/1652685 for third party liability (Marina Operator Liability & Boat Repairers Liability) .

While I am away can I leave my vehicles at the boatyard?

Yes, you can where an outside parking behind the Offices, by your own risks. Motor-Homes are not allowed.

Can I park next to my Boat?

Yes, you can only when you are loading or unloading your personal belongings.

Which are the precautions that must be taken for the haul-out procedure?

Weather conditions can affect the hauling out and launching procedures. In high wind conditions there is a possibility to re-schedule either for the day after or for the day prior to the programmed date. More specifically, we are able to haul-out and launch a boat up to 6bfs
(north – northeast winds) without any problem. It depends on the wave swell and not of the force of the wind speed.

In general in order not to face any problems with the hauling-out and launching operations, we will get in touch 3 to 4 days prior to the hauling-out/launching procedure in order to proceed with the operation.

In rare circumstances the process can be completed with the absence of the owner.

Are there near-by supermarkets or other stores?

Yes, there are. The nearest supermarket is approximately 2 kilometers away.

You can go yourself to the supermarket and if your bill exceeds the amount of 50.00€, the supermarket will deliver your goods at your boat, or there is an extra service in which you can provide the reception with your list and the boatyard staff will make the order.

Can I make a reservation for a restaurant through the reception?

Yes, you can. There is a variety of restaurants that you can choose from, but the nearest is Arxontiko Restaurant. Deliveries are also possible.  Please ask the Reception.

Can I book an appointment for a doctor-vet through the reception?

Yes, you can. Ask the reception.

Can the reception provide me with information about hotels or booking a room?

Yes, we can. The nearest hotels are approximately 2 kilometers away from the boatyard, in Kamara village

Are there any ATMS near-by?

You can find ATMS in Lakki, Platanos and Agia-Marina.

Is there any kind of transportation connecting the Boatyard with all the other villages?

Yes, there are. You can rent a car or motorbike through the reception or you must notify one day before the reception that you need to be transported via bus. The boatyard is accessible by a local bus. More specifically, there is a daily bus route from Xirokambos, Lakki, Alinda, Agia Marina and Partheni.  Please, notify the driver that your stop is the boatyard, as there is no preplanned stop. There is a further 500 meters walk from the main road to the boatyard, please follow the road signs.  For more Bus information please click here!

How will the VAT increase affect me?

Unfortunately we haven’t any information about the possibility of increasing of the VAT. Only a few rumors but no an official announcement. What we already known is that until 30.6.2019 the reduced rates of the VTA will be continue  on 5 islands but we not know if