How can I make a booking request?

You can submit a booking request through our website by clicking

How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made either in person or through our website by submitting a booking request here.

Dry Docking and Repairs:

How are vessels dry docked?

All vessels are supported on a metal support cradle and wood blocks.

Can I make repairs on or repair the boat myself?

While certain maintenance tasks can be performed by boat owners, works such as welding, use of fire torches, and certain technical repairs must be carried out by our Boatyard’s technicians.

Accommodation and Facilities:

Can I live aboard my vessel during the preparation period after hauling out and before launching?

Yes, clients and their visitors are permitted to live onboard their vessels for up to 10 days during the preparation period. If a longer stay is desired, clients must contact the Reception office to request permission from the Manager or consider alternative accommodation outside the boatyard. Both options are applicable provided the vessel’s insurance covers it. . Also there are available hotels in the nearest village, Kamara, as an alternative accommodation option if you prefer not to stay on the boat or if longer stays are not permitted. This way, everyone has the option to choose what suits them best.

What insurance coverage is mandatory for my vessel during its stay in the boatyard?

It is mandatory for the owner to have their boat or yacht fully insured for Hull & Machinery (H&M) while it is in the boat parking area. The insurance policy must explicitly state coverage continuity while the vessel is ashore, including activities such as lifting, hauling, launching, moving within the boatyard, fitting out, normal maintenance, being under survey, and include provisions for pollution and wreck removal

Can I have water and power supply on my boat?

Yes, power points providing water and electricity are available every 30 meters. Throughout the duration of your vessel’s use of our premises for dry berth. This ensures that you have access to essential utilities to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Can I have the sail removed by having the Boatyard’s staff assist?

Yes, our staff is available to assist with sail removal for security reasons before the haul-out operation. Additionally, we offer a service to help you set sails when the boat is ready for launching, and this can perform using our buoys. This ensures not only security but also convenience in managing your vessel’s equipment throughout its stay with us.

Are there mooring facilities in the water?

Certainly, upon arrival, there are five mooring buoys available for your use. To initiate hauling-out procedures, simply notify us via VHF channel 69, and we’ll assist you promptly. This streamlined communication process ensures smooth operations and facilitates your docking experience with us. The owner, skipper or representative keeps full responsibility for their vessel. Leaving your vessel unattended is not recommended.

On-site Facilities

Are there chandlery services available at Artemis Boatyard?

Yes, Artemis Boatyard boasts a well-equipped chandlery on-site. It offers a diverse array of marine accessories and spare parts sourced from trusted suppliers across Greece and Europe.

Is there a Naval Chandlery in Lakki?

Yes, expanding their services, Artemis Boatyard has established Naval Chandlery in the center of Lakki. This additional location provides a wide variety of carefully chosen marine products, catering to the needs of Leros visitors and sea enthusiasts.

Is there a sail washing area in the Boatyard?

Yes, the Boatyard features a designated area for washing sails, providing a convenient space for sail maintenance and cleaning.

Are there barbecue facilities available at the Boatyard?

Yes, adjacent to the sail washing area, there is an equipped barbecue area with tables, allowing visitors to enjoy outdoor gatherings and meals.

Is there a launderette on site?

Absolutely, there is a self-service launderette conveniently situated next to the Boatyard’s reception.

Are there any restrooms and hygiene areas?

Yes, there are three support services WC and SHOWERS strategically positioned within the Boatyard for your convenience.

Environmental Concerns and Services:

How can I dispose of used engine oils and batteries?

To address environmental concerns, motor oil and battery recycling facilities are readily available on site. You can find these facilities located next to the Workshop.

Security and Insurance:

Are there any security measures taken in the boatyard?

The entire area is fenced and guarded 24/365, with additional night guards and 24-hour video surveillance.

What security measures are in place at the boatyard?

The boatyard is safeguarded under the coverage of Millstream Underwriting Limited, acting on behalf of select Underwriters at Lloyd’s and Company Markets, as outlined in Policy Reference No: GT7980MAA231. The insurance provides a General Liability limit of €2,000,000 and a Third-party liability limit of €2,000,000. Services insured include Port Services, docking, berthing, safekeeping and/or storage, hauling out, launching, moving, and repairs.

Boat Insurance Requirements

What insurance coverage is mandatory for my boat during the contractual period?

During the contractual period, your boat must be fully insured against all risks as stipulated by the Institute of London Underwriters or any other comprehensive insurance contract. This insurance should cover third-party liability for any loss or injury, as required by law.

What specifics should be included in my insurance policies?

Your insurance policies should explicitly state coverage for Hull & Machinery (H&M) while your boat is in the boat parking area. The coverage must extend to various activities such as lifting, hauling, launching, moving within the boatyard, fitting out, normal maintenance, being under survey, and include provisions for pollution and wreck removal.

What are the requirements for third-party liability coverage?

Your boat/yacht must have third-party liability coverage with a limit up to its value, or up to €3,000,000 if the value is less than that amount. Additionally, when your boat/yacht is onshore, it must be insured for third-party liability in accordance with the limits imposed by Greek law 4926/2022 or any amendments.

Note: It’s essential to ensure compliance with these insurance requirements to safeguard your boat and adhere to legal obligations during its stay at the boatyard.

Owner Maintenance and Prohibited Works

Can I perform maintenance tasks on my boat at the Boatyard?

Yes, owners are allowed to execute maintenance jobs such as antifouling (A/F) and polishing on their boats at the Boatyard.

Are there any restrictions on the type of maintenance works owners can perform?

Yes, certain works such as welding, tasks requiring the use of fire torches, and the use of spray guns are prohibited for owners. Additionally, climbing on the mast is also prohibited.

Who can perform the prohibited maintenance works?

Prohibited maintenance works, including welding, tasks requiring the use of fire torches, and the use of spray guns, can only be executed by Boatyard personnel. If such tasks are required, please contact Boatyard personnel for assistance.

Can I paint my vessel by myself at the boatyard?

Yes, clients are permitted to paint their vessels using only a roller or brush. However, the use of a Spray Gun for painting is not allowed and can only be performed by the Boatyard’s personnel.

What should I do if I need to perform hazardous tasks or installations on my vessel?

Before starting any hazardous tasks or installations on your vessel, it is mandatory to notify the management. This ensures that proper precautions can be taken and necessary assistance provided if needed.

Contractor Access and Registration

Can clients hire contractors to work on their vessels within the Boatyard premises?

No, clients are not allowed to hire contractors directly. Only Artemis Leros Boatyard has the authority to hire contractors to undertake works on vessels within the premises.

Miscellaneous Services:

Can I leave my vehicles at the boatyard while I am away?

Outside parking is available behind the Reception Offices for your convenience, under your responsibility as the owner. However, please note that motorhomes are not permitted for parking.

Am I allowed to park next to my boat?

Parking next to your boat is permitted solely during the loading or unloading of personal belongings.

How does weather affect the hauling-out and launching procedures, and what measures are taken to ensure smooth operations?

Weather conditions play a crucial role in the hauling-out and launching procedures. High wind conditions can necessitate rescheduling the operation to ensure safety and efficiency. Generally, operations can proceed up to 6bfs (north-northeast winds) depending on wave swell rather than wind speed alone. To minimize disruptions, we proactively communicate with clients 3 to 4 days prior to the scheduled procedure. In rare cases, the process can be completed without the owner’s presence, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our clients.

What are the advantages of using the Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer over a traditional travel lift?

The Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer offers several advantages over a traditional travel lift. Firstly, its open U-frame design and hydraulically operated variable width ensure that the boat is securely handled during the hauling-out and launching processes, making it one of the fastest and safest methods available. Unlike travel lifts, which apply pressure to the boat via belts, the Roodberg trailer supports boats on large soft pads, maximizing hull comfort and minimizing potential damage. Additionally, the trailer utilizes the hydraulic facility of the pulling vehicle for all its functions, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational complexity.

The independently adjustable frame and pads maintain the boat’s horizontal and vertical orientation in all circumstances, further ensuring safe handling. With specially designed hydraulic cylinders and built-in safety valves, the Roodberg trailer boasts over 70 years of experience and is trusted by marinas and boatyards worldwide, including prominent locations listed on our website.

Local Amenities and Transportation

Can I book an appointment with a doctor or vet through reception?

Yes, appointments with doctors or vets can be easily scheduled through Reception.

Can the reception provide me with information about hotels or booking a room?

Certainly. Reception can provide information about nearby hotels and assist with room bookings to ensure your comfort.

Are there any ATMs nearby?

ATMs are conveniently located in Kamara, Alinda, Lakki, Platanos, and Agia Marina villages for your banking needs.

Are there nearby supermarkets or other stores?

Yes, the nearest supermarket is approximately 2 kilometers away. Delivery services are available for purchases exceeding €50.00.

Does the Boatyard have nearby bakeries and groceries?

The nearest village with bakery and grocery stores is approximately 2 kilometers away. However, we’ve established agreements with local companies to ensure that both bakery and grocery vans make regular visits to the Boatyard. This arrangement provides convenient access to fresh goods without the need to travel to the nearby village. Feel free to ask the reception for the schedule of these visits.

Can I make a reservation for a restaurant through the reception?

Certainly. Reception can assist in making restaurant reservations, with delivery options also available upon request.

Is there any kind of transportation connecting the Boatyard with other villages?

Yes, there are. You can rent a car or motorbike through the reception or by bus. In case you wish to use the bus, you are kindly requested to notify the Reception Staff one day before, as Artemis Leros Boatyard is not included in the itinerary.
More specifically, there is a daily bus route from Xirokambos, Lakki, Alinda, Agia Marina, and Partheni. Please, notify the driver that your stop is the boatyard, as there is no preplanned stop. There is a further 800 m to 1 km walk from the main road to the boatyard, please follow the road signs.
You can ask the Reception to provide you with more details regarding the current bus routes & itinerary.

Local Amenities and Transportation

Do I need to inform the Boatyard if I’m expecting any deliveries?

Yes, it is essential to notify the Boatyard if you are expecting any deliveries.

Can deliveries be made outside of the Boatyard premises?

No, all deliveries must be made within the Boatyard premises.

What is the Boatyard’s responsibility regarding the condition of delivered goods?

The Boatyard holds no responsibility for the condition of the goods delivered.

Is there an extra charge for collecting deliveries from the local post office or for storage services?

Yes, an extra charge will be applied to the recipient if collection from the local post office or storage services are required. Similarly, any other package management or storage service by our personnel will incur an additional fee.

Financial Considerations

How will the VAT increase affect me?

Updates regarding VAT changes will be promptly communicated to ensure you stay informed.