Docker Area

The Outdoor ashore storage is available on keel blocks. The dry docker area extends to 20.000 m2.


A thorough and detailed maintenance is essential for a long-term and top performance.


This operation can be scheduled by the Administration Office following your desired dates and times.

Hull Cleaning

When the boat is at the dry dock area we pressure hull cleaning, accordingly with the requirements of the customers.

Plan your next winterizing at Artemis Boatyard!


Accomplishing the latest technology and safety specifications

The Boatyard is surrounded by a 50m cliff that ensures great protection. There is also a 24hour video surveillance and guard patrols during the night.

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  • Our friendly staff is always here to assist you.
  • We are always willing to help you as quick as possible
  • With us the hauling process has never been easier.
  • We are always using the best quality of products and innovative materials.
  • We have very competitive prices against the competition.
  • The top quality of works given is our priority and we are always providing you with impeccable services.
  • Being a family orientated company we always value our relationship with our customers.
  • We are always accurate and concise with our time table.

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New Update as regards Covid and Sailing


Dear clients & friends,

As part of the lockdown in effect in the whole country, from tomorrow, Sunday 8/11/2020, and until the end of November there is a restriction ban for movements at sea as well.
Therefore, within the whole Greek territory all sailing departures, arrivals and movements, for both private and professional vessels, are not allowed.

Exceptions to the above ban can be made for vessels only for the following reasons:
• Emergencies and force majeure that have to do with mechanical issues etc. that are in linked to sailing safety and protection of the sea environment.
• Movement within the port of stay or trial sailings, always with the confirmation of the Port Police.
• Supplying of fuel, water or general supplies
• Sailing to and from shipyards for repairs etc. After the end of said repairs it is allowed only to sail, single direct trip, to the port of stay or at a port of the captain’s choice, without anyone else onboard.