Docker Area

The Outdoor ashore storage is available on keel blocks. The dry docker area extends to 20.000 m2.


A thorough and detailed maintenance is essential for a long-term and top performance.


This operation can be scheduled by the Administration Office following your desired dates and times.

Hull Cleaning

When the boat is at the dry dock area we pressure hull cleaning, accordingly with the requirements of the customers.

Plan your next winterizing at Artemis Boatyard!


Accomplishing the latest technology and safety specifications

The Boatyard is surrounded by a 50m cliff that ensures great protection. There is also a 24hour video surveillance and guard patrols during the night.

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  • With us the hauling process has never been easier.
  • We are always using the best quality of products and innovative materials.
  • We have very competitive prices against the competition.
  • The top quality of works given is our priority and we are always providing you with impeccable services.
  • Being a family orientated company we always value our relationship with our customers.
  • We are always accurate and concise with our time table.

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The European Borders are now open!

Dear Client,

Across Europe, governments have started to open their borders after weeks of "lockdown" during the COVID19 situation.

The border situation remains still vague across Europe as every country is imposing its own rules and its own timetable for re-opening.

More specifically, Greece has opened the borders with all European countries since 15/06/2020 and has invited travelers from many other non-EU regions, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China.

ATTENTION: The Customs office has instructed all Citizens, having boats with non-European Flags, not to travel if your boat's transit log papers are close to the expiration date, as none of the custom exit offices in Greece have opened yet. At the moment the custom exit offices will be closed until 01/07/2020 and it may be extended. As soon as we have a new update we will inform you immediately!

However, there is temporary restriction of maritime connections with Albania, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom with the pleasure boats (private - professional) from abroad to limit the spread of the corona from 15.6.2020 to 30.6.2020.

At last, sailing is allowed within the Greek Territorial Waters for all boats regardless of flag, which are registered with the capacity of  twelve (12) passengers and they must have a minimum distance of one and a half (1.5) meters among each other.

In any case, we suggest contacting your embassy to avoid further delays!


Kind Regards,

Artemis Leros Boatyard

Management and Team