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Docker Area

The Outdoor ashore storage is available on keel blocks. The dry docker area extends to 20.000 m2. The boat trailer is Roodberg hydraulic with a Yacht lift capacity of up to 60 tons. The maximum length of the vessel is 28 meters and the maximum the depth of vessel is 3,30 meters depending on the shape of the hull. Also, the trailer can accommodate mono-hull and multi-hull boats.


This operation can be scheduled by the Administration Office following your desired dates and times. Under no circumstances the lifting can’t take place, if the weather is fickle. Securing the boat with four ropes, two in the aft and two in the bow, placing the trailer exactly in the middle and under the boat. Then the pads are positioned in the specific areas on the boat according to the individual docking plan. In case of a catamaran type hauling out process, a diver facilitates the positioning of the pads in order to be placed accurately in the appropriate lifting points, according to the docking plan.


A thorough and detailed maintenance is essential for a long-term and top performance. The ideal solution is for you to follow the best suited maintenance plan as recommended by the engine manufacture and the winterizing procedure (scheduled by seasons).

Hull Cleaning

When the boat is at the dry dock area we pressure hull cleaning, accordingly with the requirements of the customers. In addition, the Boatyard cooperates with the “Specialized Bio Cleaning Service”.

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